History of CWTA Leadership:

The CWTA was established in the 1960s when a group of professionals in Charlotte began meeting on a regular basis to discuss foreign trade opportunities and challenges. Since that time, the CWTA has consistently brought together a high-quality group of professionals and leaders to exchange knowledge and build relationships. The CWTA is an independent non-profit organization promoting the growth of international commerce between North Carolina, South Carolina, and the world.

Pictured here: Metrolina World Trade Association Board of Directors – June 1989

Front Row left to right– Don Haack, Wayne Cooper, Thad Adams, Ronnie Pruett, Steve Stevenson, Don Ferriss
Back row left to right– Hugh Beveridge, Al Smith, Dick Primm, David Kraus, Clem Schrader, Charlie Palmer

History of Exports 1948 - 2019

 When you watch this dynamic presentation of the history of  exports from 1948 to 2019, it is interesting to remember points in your life relative to the nation’s exporting capabilities. Even if you or your company do not directly export, you can “feel” how the U.S. exporting capacity affected the times you grew up in.

Click on image to see the dynamic display of the history of exports from 1948 to 2019!