News, Views & Items of Interest Relevant to the Carolina Region 2021.02.08
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In this issue of the CWTA International Trade & Commerce Newsletter, we are reviewing some classic but timely pieces by forward-thinking individuals that help us shape our thoughts in response to current events on the world stage. Please take a moment to review the selections below and enrich your understanding of global flows.
Richard Haass
Richard Haass – Making Sense of a Complex World
In his latest book, The World: A Brief Introduction, Richard N. Haass explores how our globalized and interconnected world works and why we should be paying attention to it. In this McKinsey interview, Mr. Haass, an experienced diplomat and policymaker, helps us to understand the world better—both its promise and its threats—to make more informed choices. Importantly, Mr. Haass says, businesses now have a vested interest in helping to shape the environment—not the physical environment, but the legal, political, economic, regulatory environment in which they operate. It’s almost as if businesses are going to need their own equivalent of a foreign policy, and to think more in foreign policy terms.
Philip Coggan
Philip Coggan – A History of the World Economy from the Iron Age to the Information Age
In this excellent video from a presentation to the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, journalist Philip Coggan, writer of the Bartleby column for The Economist, tracks the development of trade and industry across the world from Ancient Rome to today. From the development of international trade fairs in the 12th century to the innovations made in China, India, and the Arab world, it turns out that historical economies were much more sophisticated than we might imagine, tied together by webs of credit and financial instruments much like our modern economy. This is a 60-minute video, but well worth every minute.
Firoz Peera
Firoz Peera – China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)
Charlotte’s own Firoz Peera recently spoke to the World Affairs Council of America (WACA) about China’s ambitious multi-decade project to create a modern-day version of the ancient Silk Road, a powerful route that provided the foundation for the very first wave of globalization across a vast Eurasian landscape. The new rail and port network, the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), will serve over 80 cities on the Eurasian continent. Mr. Peera discusses the nature and scope of the BRI and its geo-strategic implications in this new age of great power rivalry. Listen to this 30-minute podcast featuring the board member and past Chair of the World Affairs Council of Charlotte who has been an avid watcher of China’s ascendency to superpower status.
Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio – U.S.-China Relations Affect Every Aspect of American Life
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio discusses today's most important issues, and the critical roles the United States and China play in an era of rapid global change. Mr. Dalio believes Ant’s IPO suspension was reasonable and says not investing in China is very risky. He has lived with his family in China and he continues to be deeply involved in business and philanthropic efforts there over the last 35 years. This video previews some of his thinking in his soon-to-be-released book, The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail. Start this hour-long video at about the five-minute mark.
Omar Kazzaz
Omar Kazzaz – The Next BIG Disruption of Supply Chain Networks
CWTA member Omar Kazzaz has recently written an op-ed describing what he sees as the next big disruption of supply chain networks. As Turkey and Greece clash over oil and gas, he recommends 14 actions to keep cargo moving and your supply chain agile and resilient. Mr. Kazzaz specializes in business strategy, business process improvement, as well as supply chain design, planning, and execution. He has 28 years of experience in international business, global logistics, and supply chain and is a long-standing member of the Global Thinkers Roundtable and the Blockchain Working Group. Enjoy his op-ed piece!
VisualCapitalist.com – BEST Data Visualization!
If you are unfamiliar with this gem of a website, you are in for a treat! Visual Capitalist is expert at crafting ingenious graphic displays of complex factual information and trends. Sign up for their newsletter to enjoy easy-to-comprehend portrayals of top-of-mind topics and contemporary issues in powerful infographics, charts and data visualizations and you'll begin to understand the ways that data is transforming our understanding of the world.
Carolina World Trade Association
Founded in 1964, CWTA is a chapter of the North Carolina World Trade Association (NCWTA), which promotes growth of trade between North Carolina and the world by providing education and networking opportunities for our global ecosystem.

As a business-driven non-profit organization, CWTA’s mission is to promote, foster and encourage international commerce success and expand economic growth in the Carolinas region. We do this by:
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  • Celebrating the successes of international trade in the region.
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